LED lights tend to flicker for various reasons. Voltage changes or sharing of appliances can cause your LED lights to flicker. Check that the current running to your house or office is strong enough to power all your appliances, including your LED lights. If it is, then there are several things you can try to resolve the problem. In case nothing works, try replacing the LED bulbs with the new ones. It may take a few tries to fix the problem, but in the end, it’s worth it.

The main culprit for LED flicker is pulse-width modulation. This intentional manipulation of the power source causes LEDs to change their brightness perception. The LEDs are 50% and 100% bright for half the time. This is an unsettling experience for anyone who has to constantly adjust the brightness of their home or office. LEDs flicker because they do not have the persistence to maintain constant brightness levels. This makes them look shaky, and you will eventually have to replace them.

Another cause of LED light flickering is incompatible dimmer switches. Many people buy LED lights online, but they may not be made of good quality and will fail prematurely. This can be fixed by replacing the non-dimmable LED bulbs with dimmable ones. If these options do not work, you should replace the entire light fixture. You might also need to install a dimmer switch.


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