why does my water heater keep tripping

If your water heater keeps tripping the circuit breaker, there are several possible causes.

Overloading the appliance can result in a serious problem and may cause an electrical fire. Before you tackle a water heater repair, gather the materials you need to check it. Hopefully, one of these solutions will solve your water heater problem. But if it doesn’t, here are some things to keep in mind.

If you’re not able to diagnose the problem yourself, call a plumber or a service company for a professional inspection. If you suspect a problem with your water heater, don’t turn the unit off immediately. If the problem is a breaker-related one, you need to contact a professional for repairs. You may also have to reset the circuit breaker. You might be lucky enough to find a spare one at your local hardware store.

If the water heater is still unable to heat water, it is possible that the thermostat is stuck closed. In this situation, the reset button will keep tripping repeatedly. Moreover, the element will continue to operate without interruption, increasing the temperature of the water in the tank. To test whether the thermostat is stuck, you can take a continuity reading through its terminals. If the heating element is indeed faulty, you should replace the whole unit.

If the temperature of your water heater is tripping constantly, you should check the thermostat. It may have a malfunctioned thermostat or a high limit setting. These problems are often caused by a faulty component, and it won’t improve until the bad part is replaced. So, it’s important to call a plumber as soon as possible. Otherwise, you’ll end up spending more money on a replacement.

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