How to Make a Nether Portal in Minecraft

The Nether is a dark dimension in Minecraft that many players enjoy exploring. It’s filled with horror, danger and rare resources.

For access to the Nether, you’ll need a Nether Portal, which can be made from Obsidian blocks and Fire.


A nether portal is a gateway that links the Overworld and Nether, allowing travelers to travel between them without interruption. To create one, you will need 10-14 blocks of obsidian, as well as some flint and steel.

Obsidian is one of the toughest blocks in Minecraft, formed when flowing water touches a block of lava. You can find Obsidian as either an uncommon seed or by mining it yourself.

Once you have Obsidian, the next step is to construct a frame. A basic 4×5 rectangle requires 10 or 14 blocks for construction.

You can build a larger portal, up to 23 blocks square. This requires at least 10 Obsidian, but you can replace the corners with any block and save some of that precious stone.

To activate the nether portal, use your flint and steel on any of the blocks. This creates a purple smoke that activates the portal and allows you to enter it.

Flint & Steel

Flint & Steel, an essential survival tool in Minecraft, can be used to make fire. To use it, you’ll need two ingredients: flint and iron.

The principle behind this technique is simple: strike flint against steel and you will create hot sparks. Iron naturally ignites when exposed to oxygen at room temperature, so this technique works.

This ancient method of making fire dates back to when man first developed steel, and it’s still being employed today!

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Making a fire with flint and steel requires the most important part: catching the spark. This can be tricky if you haven’t practiced before. But to make things simpler, use material called char cloth which has been allowed to carbonize in flame.


Water is an indispensable ingredient when crafting a nether portal in Minecraft, especially for players without access to diamond pickaxes. When combined with hot lava, water can turn it into obsidian – an indispensable material required for crafting any successful nether portal in this universe.

In order to construct a nether portal from water, players must first locate a pool of lava with at least ten source blocks. They then need buckets of water which they can pour over the lava in order to form obsidian.

Water, unlike obsidian, does not instantly turn into obsidian; thus it is essential to place the bucket over the lava as soon as possible. Otherwise, the lava will quickly transform into obsidian and make creating a nether portal impossible.

Once a player enters a nether portal, the game checks for nearby Overworld portals in an area of exclusion. This zone can be as close as several chunks from the original Overworld portal on all 3 axes (horizontal and vertical).


Lava is a commonly-used ingredient in Nether Portal construction due to its ease of access and cost effectiveness. However, you should exercise caution when using lava to construct your Portals; it could potentially pose risks.

First, locate a destroyed Nether Portal. These are typically vertical Obsidian frames filled with bubbling lava and terrifying noises.

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Search the surface of the game world for a shattered frame. While not as common as one might think, they’re worth searching for if you ever come across one!

Once you find one, begin filling both holes with lava. Next, place water against the wall above them to help transform these blocks into Obsidian blocks.

To be safe, use no more than 10 Buckets of Lava and as many Buckets of Water as possible. This way, any lava will not overflow its bounds and ruin your Portal.