How to Make a Fluffy Slime

By BobJ Sep 20, 2022

Fluffy slime is a great sensory material that is easy to make at home. It can be molded, squeezed, fished, and played with. You can use ordinary ingredients such as shaving cream and glue to create this slime. It’s also more easily removed than other types of slime.

To make fluffy slime, you’ll need two kinds of glue. You can use Elmers glue, or you can use boric acid or saline solution. You’ll also need water and food coloring. For an even fluffier result, you can also mix shaving cream with baking soda. This mixture will be sticky, but kneading it will make it less sticky.

Mix the ingredients and mix them well. Once you’ve mixed them, you should notice clumps in the slime. Gently pick up clumps and knead them a little. You can then add more activator as needed to achieve the desired consistency.

how to make a fluffy slime

When preparing homemade slime, you can use different colors. If you want different hues, start with a darker colour and gradually lighten the colour. The slime will keep for about a week in an airtight container. After the first day, it will lose its fluffiness but will still be a lot of fun to play with. You can also experiment with different amounts of shaving cream to achieve the desired result.

If you want to add vibrant colors, you can use liquid food coloring. These solutions are available in different colors and should be safe for children to handle. If you’re unsure about the ingredients in these products, check the labels. You must wear gloves when handling the slime. Always wash your hands after working with it to prevent contacting your eyes. You should also wear gloves if you have sensitive skin.

By BobJ

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