How to Easy Hairstyles That Won’t Take Long at All

By BobJ Apr 7, 2023

If you’re running late or need to update your look for work, there are plenty of quick and easy hairstyles that won’t take too much time.

When you have a hectic day ahead, bunting your hair into a twist-out bun like Storm’s is an effortless style solution that will leave your mane looking polished. Try this simple hairdo for days when you need something quick and effortless – it’s perfect for when life gets in the way!

1. Twist-Out Bun

The Twist-Out Bun is an effortless and stylish hairstyle. Not only does it require minimal upkeep, but its longevity also speaks for itself!

To achieve the desired look, start by washing your strands with a sulfate-free shampoo or cleansing conditioner. Next, spritz them with either water or Hair Milk Refresher Spray for added hydration.

After that, apply a moisturizer and gel. The LOC method (leave-in, oil, cream) provides just enough moisture and hold to keep your twists in place without weighing them down or compromising their shine.

You can also apply lightweight oil to your twists to eliminate frizziness and add shine, reapplying them every few days to maintain the style. Be sure to secure your hair securely while sleeping to maintain its shine.

2. Face Frame

Face framing is an essential element in fashion, hair and makeup to create the ideal aesthetic. Whether your face shape is round or diamond shaped, the right style can help you make a statement and turn heads wherever you go.

Create stunning definition with long and thick face-framing layers that fall past your cheekbones. Side-swept bangs can also be an effective addition to accentuate your jawline and soften its sharp features.

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If your face is long, ask your stylist to create definition and shape with shorter layers that begin at your cheekbones and flow past them. This style will balance facial proportions while offering a slimming effect.

3. Razored Layers

Layers are an effortless way to shape and define your face. Additionally, they create a seamless, blended aesthetic that melts into the next one almost imperceptibly.

Long layered hairstyles can look glamorous when curled or waved, even on round faces! These styles help women achieve a sleek and sassiessy aesthetic.

Razored layers are an ideal hairstyle for women with thick hair who want to reduce weight and add volume. Not only are they low maintenance, but they’re also budget friendly – perfect for girls of all ages!

To achieve a razored layered haircut, divide your hair horizontally about halfway down the back of the head and pin up both halves; leave the bottom section free.

4. Half Updo

The half updo is one of the most versatile and fashionable hairstyles around. This hairstyle combines wearing your hair loose with an updo, pulling the top part away from your face while leaving the bottom parts down.

This style is suitable for women of all ages and hair textures. Curly hair in particular will benefit from this style as it makes managing those curls much easier, while showing off your natural texture.

For special events like weddings or prom, an updo can look beautiful. It can be achieved in a variety of ways, from detailed braided styles to simple buns or twists.

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5. Bubble Pony

For a hairdo that captures the Y2K style of the early 2000s, try out the Bubble Pony. Not only is it effortless to achieve, but its bold style will definitely turn heads wherever you go.

Easy to wear and versatile, this outfit is ideal for any special occasion. Accessorize it with glitzy clips, bows and more for even greater glam!

To achieve this look, secure your hair in a low ponytail. Then, attach two elastics about two inches down from the base.

Continue this process until you reach the end of your hair, then gently tug between each elastic to create the bubble effect.

Once all of your bubbles are created, finish by misting your hair with hairspray for lasting hold throughout the day.

By BobJ

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