How to Choose the Best DIY Lash Extensions

By BobJ Aug 6, 2022

If you want to buy DIY eyelash extensions but don’t know where to start, it’s important to do some research first. Find out which online stores have the most reputable products. These are usually those with large followings and a variety of products to choose from. Look for a shop that sells different types of extensions, not just the basic ones. Here are some tips that will help you choose the best products for your specific needs:

Lilly Lashes

Lilly Lashes are popular with celebrities, and have grown from a line of six styles to become one of the world’s most famous luxury lash brands. These lashes are extremely easy to apply and remove, and are also made from high-quality materials, so they should last for several uses. However, Lilly Lashes do require some maintenance to maintain their quality and keep them looking as good as new.

While the Lilly Lashes brand is among the most popular, the products are not necessarily the best. Before you buy any of the different styles, make sure to do a bit of research online to find the most reliable and affordable online stores. Typically, the best places to purchase these products are those with a large following and an impressive array of products. If you’re a novice, try to contact active users of DIY eyelash extensions, who can share their personal experience with the products and recommend which brands work best for them.

Velour Effortless

best diy lash extensions

The Effortless DIY Lash Extension Kit comes with three lashes: one natural and one faux. The kit includes 0.5 oz/4.5 mL Velour Lash Adhesive and a mini Too Easy Lash Applicator. The adhesive is free of harmful chemicals, is cruelty-free, and is recyclable. The lashes are lightweight and feature an invisible band to avoid irritation and tangles.

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The best DIY lash extension kit includes three different lash strands: featherweight clusters, full strip lashes, and single lashes. The featherweight clusters are best placed along the lash line, but you can place them anywhere you’d like for a more dramatic effect. Featherweight clusters are less dramatic than individual lashes, but still look more natural than false lashes. Compared to full strip lashes, they require more attention to the weft.

Ardell LashTrio Dark Adhesive Glue

For those who want to save money while applying DIY eyelash extensions, Ardell’s LashTrio Dark Adhesive has an easy-to-use applicator brush and is water-resistant. The adhesive dries in 7-8 seconds. This lash extension glue also dries quickly and retains its color for up to two weeks. If you’re looking for a medical grade glue for DIY eyelash extensions, Ardell’s LashTite(r) Dark is a good choice. This product is hypoallergenic and latex-free, and will adhere to lashes flawlessly. Its strength and durability are a benefit, too, as it’s waterproof, making it the best choice for lash artists.

This cyanoacrylate-based glue bonds eyelash extensions to the natural lashes with extreme strength. Typical ingredient lists contain 80-95% cyanoacrylate, thickening agents, coloring agents, and stabilizing agents. The fast-drying formula is easy to apply and has a very low-fume content. The adhesive holds well and can last up to six to eight weeks with proper care.

KISS 3D Faux Lash Mapping kit

If you’re looking to apply lash extensions yourself but don’t have the time to visit a salon, you can get the same look at home with the KISS 3D Faux Mash Mapping kit for DIY lashes. This product comes with easy-to-follow mapping stickers designed by lash extension experts. The product’s lash extension application tips are also perfect for anyone who doesn’t know much about applying eyelashes.

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The kit contains 42 clusters with twenty strands each, a lash mapping sticker, a semi-permanent black adhesive, a removing agent, and a micro brush. The kit is easy to use and has a step-by-step guide. For the best results, follow the guide on the kit to make sure you have the right amount of lashes in the correct places.


If you’ve been wanting to learn how to apply lash extensions, you’ve probably come across the Lashify diy lashes system. Unlike traditional false eyelashes and glue-on strip lash extensions, Lashify’s adhesive lashes, called Gossamers, adhere to the underside of your natural lashes for a seamless, natural look. But what is Lashify? How does it work?

For beginners, the lashify system has a control kit that’s specifically designed for these lashes. It includes the tools you need to apply the lashes and set the bond. The kit also comes with gossamer lashes, which come in tiny pods for each eye. The gossamer strips are applied to the eye with special glue (similar to in-salon extension glue but not as strong). The lashes are clamped into place with tweezers and are then cleaned and sealed with sealant.


By BobJ

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