how kill water bugs

You may be wondering how to kill water bugs in your home.

In the first place, you must clean up your home thoroughly and discard open food items promptly. You can try to use airtight containers and wrap all garbage regularly so that it does not get into the water. The next step is to spray insecticides to eliminate the waterbugs. Suspend is a safe insecticide to use inside your home, as it does not have a bad odor and lasts for a long time. Inspect the waterbug’s entry points and spray it anywhere you see them.

Boric acid is an effective bug killer. While boric acid can be toxic to humans, it is highly effective against waterbugs. It was once added to spoiled milk to extend its shelf life. Another pesticide to use against waterbugs is pyrethrins, which may leave an active residue for up to 3 months. The downside of pyrethrins is that they may harm beneficial critters in the area.

Another option is to use food-grade diatomaceous earth. This natural remedy is safe for your family and pets. Diatomaceous earth can be purchased at hardware stores. Some products even come with a duster and powdered sugar. You can also mix DE and powdered sugar together and sprinkle it around the water bug’s entry points. Regardless of the method you use to kill water bugs, the important thing is to keep them from coming back.

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