How Do You Water an Orchid?

By BobJ Jul 26, 2022

how do you water an orchid

The water you use for your orchid depends on the species. A good general rule of thumb is to use water that is not softened or treated with chemicals. Some species may require rainwater or distilled water to thrive. Make sure the water flows rapidly through the pot, but not so quickly that the plant becomes waterlogged. Observe the weight of the orchid pot to see how often it needs water. If the pot is too heavy for your orchid, it may be too dry.

When watering an orchid, make sure to avoid splashing water on its leaves. Watering too frequently could lead to rot or infection. Use a long-necked watering can to evenly water the roots and potting media. After watering, make sure to empty the watering can to prevent bacterial growth. While the leaves should be moist, the crown should be dry and not too wet. If water remains on the crown, a paper towel is sufficient to wipe it off.

The bark chippings in an orchid’s potting mix should be soaked in water before watering the plant. Wait until the top inch of bark chippings is dry. Then, use a finger or wooden skewer to poke the bark or moss around the plant to check for dryness. If the wood becomes darkened, water should be withheld. The orchid may need repotting. If it is not fully wet, wait a few days.

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By BobJ

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