Easy Kitchen Hacks to Make Cooking a Breeze


Here are some Easy Kitchen Hacks to make cooking a breeze. Use these simple methods to organize your kitchen like Marie Kondo, shred meat in a stand mixer, and speed ripen avocados. We’ve compiled these suggestions from community members, so check out the full list for more ideas. We hope you find these tips helpful! We hope you enjoy the new kitchen space! And remember to pin these tips for future reference!

Organize your kitchen like Marie Kondo

If you’ve ever watched Netflix’s “Marie Kondo” show, you’ve seen her famous method for tidying up. She recommends keeping only items that spark joy or serve a purpose. These are simple yet effective tips for organizing your kitchen. Here are six simple tips to make your kitchen feel more like a sanctuary:

One of the most important things to remember about the Marie Kondo method is to first start by organizing your whole house. Because clutter tends to leak from room to room, it’s best to organize it by category rather than by room. You can start by tackling sentimental items. Then you can move on to books, papers, and clothing. Then, once you’ve decluttered the kitchen, you can move onto other rooms.

Prevent cheese from sticking to the grater

For harder cheeses like parmesan and cheddar, a non-stick spray is a must. Not only will this prevent the cheese from sticking to the grater, it will also make clean-up much easier. Simply spray the blades of your grating device or food processor with the spray to prevent the cheese from sticking. You can also use cooking spray to prevent the cheese from sticking. Use these tips to make your cheese-grating process go much smoother.

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The grater blades can clog if you grate very soft cheeses. For this reason, it’s best to crumble or slice cheeses before grating. You should also lightly oil the holes of the grater before grating. For very soft cheeses, it may be best to slice it into cubes. Although mozzarella is among the most difficult cheeses to grate, freezing it can make the process much easier.

Shred meat with a stand mixer

One of the easiest kitchen hacks is to shred meat using a stand mixer. Simply add the cooked meat to the mixer bowl and secure the paddle to the mixing arm. Start the mixer on low and slowly increase the speed to shred the meat. The meat should be shredded to the desired thickness. It should not take more than a minute, as it may become mush if left for too long.

To shred meat with a stand mixer, begin by removing all bones from the meat. If you’re using boneless chicken, you can use the paddle attachment. Turn the mixer on low and shred the chicken for two to three minutes. Once the chicken has reached the desired thickness, add the seasonings to the dish. You can shred it into fine pieces if you’d prefer.

Speed ripen avocados

There are a few ways to speed ripen avocados in less than two days. One way is to wrap them tightly in paper or foil and place them in the refrigerator. While this method isn’t ideal, it’s better than waiting for days to ripen avocados – or worse, not having any at all! Using dental floss to make perfect slices of a cake is a great option, too!

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Other ways to speed ripen avocados include placing them in brown paper bags. By wrapping them tightly in brown paper, the avocado will absorb ethylene gas and ripen in a few days. Another method is to place them in an airtight container containing uncooked rice. This will seal in the ethylene gas and protect the avocado from bruising. The method also works for bananas and apples, which can be placed in brown paper bags.

Make ice cream sandwiches

One of the most decadent snacks you can make at home is an ice cream sandwich. While store-bought varieties are fine, homemade ones are tastier. Here are some easy kitchen hacks to help you create ice cream sandwiches at home. Try these delicious recipes to transform store-bought desserts into a delicious treat. And don’t worry if you’re allergic to milk or eggs – you can make your own dairy-free ice cream instead!

First, remove the ice cream from the freezer. To make a perfect ice cream sandwich, spread some ice cream onto a cookie. Then, top it with another cookie. Once the ice cream is set, place the ice cream sandwich on a plate and press it in place with a knife. Repeat with the remaining cookies. Once the ice cream is hardened, the cookies are ready to serve.

Cut cherry tomatoes at once

There are many useful kitchen hacks that will save you time in the kitchen. Whether you’re a home cook or a professional chef, these tricks will help you to make many common tasks easier. Slicing fruits can be time-consuming and frustrating. Try this simple kitchen hack for cutting cherry tomatoes at once and make your life much easier. Simply place two plates side-by-side, lids up, and slice across the gap between the plates using a sharp knife. The result is a much quicker and clean cut!

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Use a bottom plate to hold your tomatoes. This works better than a regular plate because it forms a rim around the cherry tomatoes. Make sure you use a plate with gently sloping sides to avoid cutting them unevenly. This kitchen hack is particularly useful if you plan to eat several cherry tomatoes side-by-side, or you don’t want to waste a single cherry.

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