You can get a number of fun and easy elf on the shelf ideas for kids this season. You can give them a small puzzle to complete, or they can help the Elf make a sweet breakfast of M&Ms. This is a great idea for the little ones of any age, and it will be an activity they can’t resist.

Another good idea for easy Elf on the Shelf ideas is to give them a prescription for Reindeer Flu or Magic Lost. If you want to make the Elf on the Shelf a little more special, consider wrapping him in a washcloth. This simple act of care will give your kids a sense of security and help them feel good about the Elf’s existence.

For an elf on the shelf that doesn’t cost a lot, you can make a costume for your elf. You can also place him on the Christmas tree. Make sure the elf is at eye level for your child, and don’t place him too far into the branches. This will be more difficult if you have older kids. Also, you can use red ornaments to camouflage him.

Other fun elf on the shelf ideas for kids include watching movies. Play a Christmas movie together with the elves, or have a family movie night. Or you could have an ice cream party. You and your kids can make ice cream sundaes, or even go ice cream shopping together.

Elf on the Shelf ideas can be as simple or as elaborate as you want. You can use pom poms and mini bottlebrush trees to create decorations for your elf. Using decorated eggs as decorations for the elf is another great idea. You could even make a ball pit for the elf!

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Another fun and easy elf on the shelf idea is to let the elf play with your kids’ favorite toys. For example, your elf could ride your child’s biggest dinosaur toy or roll down the stairs on a toilet paper roll! You could also make him play with some eggs in the refrigerator. Your child will love this fun and easy elf on the shelf idea. So, get creative! Keep reading for more ideas!

If you want to get creative, you can make an elf game board that your kids will enjoy. Using painter’s tape and bows can make a fun elf game. And you won’t have to worry about the elf making a mess on the walls. You can also wrap your elf in dental floss, so that they won’t get any paint on the walls.


By BobJ

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