DIY Zombie Costume Tutorial

diy zombie costume

Are you looking to scare up some Halloween excitement this year? A zombie costume could be just what’s needed. From generic walkers seen on movie and TV screens, to runners and crawlers – there is an infinite variety of undead available to choose from!

An effective zombie outfit requires looking ragged and worn-down; use a wire brush to discolor fabric and add fake blood for added effect.


Create your zombie costume using special material. White costume paint can help give clothing an aged appearance while red paint or fake blood can splatter around to simulate blood flow, rubber fleshy wounds are rubber wounds; for added authenticity use spirit gum to add scars on arms and legs as scabs.

An basic zombie costume can be enjoyed by both kids and adults alike. If you want to get creative, dress as one of your favorite movie or TV show zombie characters like Michonne Hawthorne from The Walking Dead!

Make an unforgettable impression this Halloween by dressing as a charming zombie princess or ballerina! For an eco-friendly Halloween costume option, use clothes you already own or buy at thrift stores; additionally you could dye or singe nonflammable clothing to give it that worn-out zombie appearance.


Though you could certainly master a stunning purple and black smoky eye or recreate Cruella DeVil’s red pout using just makeup, nothing quite compares to the terror-inducing effects of a zombie costume without an abundance of blood! So if you’re searching for a truly terrifying Halloween costume idea, check out this DIY zombie tutorial as your solution.

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Begin by paling the skin using lighter foundation and concealer products, then layer on gray cream makeup to achieve an undead look (Image 1). For realistic looking bruises use a color wheel such as purple, red and green for realistic-looking bruises.

Add extra authenticity to your zombie costume by staining its clothing with dirt or grass stains or pouring ketchup over it – anything to make it appear decayed!


No zombie should sport neatly-combed locks, so use styling gel on short hair and tease longer locks to create an unruly style. Finally, finish it off with TRESemme Ultimate Hold Hairspray to keep the unruly do in place all night long.

Add more creepiness to your zombie costume by covering it in dirt, grass and blood for an ominous appearance. To add blood-red streaks and splatters, soak certain parts of it in ketchup or strawberry syrup for even greater bloodshed!

Create an eerie appearance using white costume paint and liquid latex by creating wounds on your face, neck and arms with white costume paint and liquid latex. Add details like twigs, leaves and torn newspaper to complete your zombie-esque appearance and give this costume idea for kids an authentic vibe! Add details like a toy knife in the back for additional drama! This costume idea makes an awesome idea!


Zombie costumes for children are intended to frighten, with clothes covered in dirt and blood as well as bloody makeup used as components of their attire. You could dress your daughter up as a zombie flapper costume from an earlier era like 1920.

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For an authentic Halloween look, use bleach to fade your clothing – it works especially well when worn against darker hues – or spray unevenly to create an unevenly faded effect. Alternately, try painting them brown and black body paint in order to resemble a rotting corpse, or opt for shoes like these zombified Air Force 1 Mids from @cestlavic; they’re sure to turn heads at your Halloween party.


An essential component of a zombie costume is accessories. Add blood, decaying flesh and rubbery wounds with these supplies that make for perfect Halloween or thematic event costumes.

Are You Wanting To Look Like Undead Clothing? Search Your Closet Or Hit Up A Thrift Store Now For Affordable Clothes that Will Pass As Undead Clothing. Check Your Closet For an Old Shirt With Rips And Stains That Could Pass As Undead Clothes (and visit thrift stores as well) For opportunities! If it is from an earlier era then this will add authenticity!

No respectable zombie has neatly-combed hair, so use styling hair gel to give your child’s locks a messy, unruly style. Pair a black shirt with white horn-rimmed glasses and headband for an authentic 1920’s zombie flapper look; for another option dress him in a torn school uniform to mimic one who may get sent to detention.