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Are You Searching for Fun Activities to Engage Teens or Something they can Work On In Their Free Time? Check Out These DIY Projects Now!

From toilet paper frogs and crunchy slime to an actual ship in a bottle, this roundup features all sorts of fun crafts for kids that they will adore! Perfect for creating memorable experiences together or finding entertainment on rainy days alike, these ideas will surely keep them engaged for hours!

1. Pom-Pom Necklace

Pom-poms are fun and versatile! Perfect for making garlands, gift toppers, necklaces or bracelets.

My Sister’s Suitcase offers this easy tutorial that can help your little one create an eye-catching yet functional necklace! Explore various colors and patterns to personalize their piece of jewelry for a truly custom piece.

2. Gold Foil Painted Purse

Gold foil painted purses may seem like expensive designer accessories, but with some basic materials and some creativity you can craft one yourself at home! Achieve fashionista status without breaking the bank by crafting one yourself!

Experienced parents know the thrill of watching their teen show off her brand-new accessory! For maximum fun and success with this project, be sure to visit JOANN for their selection of ModPodge and gold foil products.

3. Decorative Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are a wonderful way to tie colors in with each other in any given room and provide additional comfort on sofas or chairs, or can even serve as an easy way to brighten up bed frames!

Cotton, satin and down pillows all offer soft comfort that’s durable yet breathable – find one that meets your needs best for a luxurious pillow that you will truly enjoy!

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4. String Art Heart

This heart string art makes an excellent present or display piece all year long, and is easy enough for even tweens and teens to participate.

Use this template to craft beautiful shapes and patterns! The end result will surely amaze!

5. Jewelry Organizer

Organizing jewelry can be challenging, particularly necklaces. Entangled chains and hanging earrings make it hard to locate just the right piece.

Storage boxes or stands provide an efficient means of organizing jewelry, and making it easier to find pieces quickly. Depending on available space, collections may be placed on dressers, drawers or walls for convenient access.

6. Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are an engaging DIY project to do with your children that makes for an engaging rainy-day activity as well as an ideal present! They make for the perfect homemade present!

Bath bombs feature two key ingredients – baking soda and citric acid – which create a fizzing chemical reaction when mixed together, along with coconut oil and essential oils to create the ideal recipe for an aromatic and relaxing bath experience.

7. Homemade Crystals & Geodes

Growing crystal geodes with borax is an engaging chemistry project for children of any age, teaching them all about crystals, re-crystallization, saturated solutions and solubility!

Create crystal geodes at home and they’ll be fascinated with the process and can take home a stunning, natural-looking crystal geode as a keepsake! Plus they can show it off proudly!

8. Quilling Floral Photo Frame

Paper quilling is an art form that allows you to craft distinctive and stylish wall decor pieces using paper strips and curling needles. From bedrooms and living rooms alike, paper quilling offers something beautiful for every space!

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Create a colorful floral photo frame using this simple tutorial! Perfect for teens to work on together or give as gifts!

9. Mud Cloth Organizer

Mud cloth, an ancient African textile that’s become trendy in home decor, offers a neutral yet striking pattern to any space it adds beauty and warmth to.

Bogolanfini fabric, also referred to in Bambara language, consists of three words – bogo (earth or mud), lan (with), and fini (cloth). Each pattern on this fabric carries great significance – representing social status, private messages and more.

10. DIY Stamped Hanger

DIY Stamped Hangers can be one of the most rewarding projects you undertake. A few coats of quality paint will turn it into an eye-catching and practical memento that guests as well as teens alike will adore, without leaving your apartment or dorm room! Just be aware that it may take several hours up to days depending on your skill level and type of paint used – the downside being you might need more time than planned to complete this endeavor!

By BobJ

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