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By BobJ May 13, 2023

Decorating walls often leads to paintings and photos on frames being the focus, yet there is much more you can do to create unique wall decor.

Geometric decor is in fashion right now and these DIY triangle wall hangings will add dimension and dimension to a plain wall. This project is very straightforward, and any color can be chosen.

Chevron Paintings

If you like the idea of chevron walls but don’t want to commit to wallpaper or lamp shades, try free-hand painting some chevrons on canvas instead! Paint Expert DIY and DIY with Elle have put together an easy project which provides the ideal balance of structure and artistic creativity. Elle used both matte and sheen paints to give this artwork texture and dimension.

Once your chevrons have fully dried, trim and glue them onto a sheet of poster board or foam core. This will help them lay flat when framed and reduce gaps at the back where you will attach your sawtooth hanger. Use a rotary cutter to ensure uniform strip cuts before adhering them down with glue.

Toilet Paper Wall Art

Make an eye-catching statement in any room with stunning wall art using recycled toilet paper and paper towel rolls, created using this straightforward DIY project that requires only basic craft supplies and can even be completed by children! Your friends will think that this was purchased at an expensive boutique. Plus, it makes an engaging activity for both you and the little ones involved!

Are you searching for an easy way to decorate an empty wall without creating clutter? Check out this ingenious hack using toilet paper rolls coiled up tightly around canvas frames as wall art. Creating this masterpiece takes only minutes and can match any color or theme!

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Create this lovely butterfly wall decor by cutting strips of construction paper the width of a toilet paper roll, then glueing them on. Decorate further using markers, glitter or whatever else suits your fancy!

Fabric Wall Hanging

Fabric wall hangings are an easy and dramatic way to add character and charm to your home decor. From stretched fabric over frames, to elaborate tapestries sewn together by artisans – fabric wall hangings add flair while reflecting your decor’s aesthetic perfectly.

Create your own fabric wall hanging in a few easy steps! Select and cut out the desired fabric piece before attaching it to a wooden panel by gluing small sections of it to it.

This DIY is super straightforward and looks beautiful on any gallery wall! For added rustic charm, use faux greenery instead.

Gallery Wall from Porcelain Plates

Framed pictures and art prints are standard components of gallery walls; however, you can get creative by incorporating other decorative objects. China plates or macrame tapestries make beautiful accents for creating an eclectic aesthetic; perfect for creating rustic walls like those found at stairway landings or room divider walls and with affordable painting jobs!

Before beginning to create a gallery wall, it’s advisable to plan its layout on the floor first. Doing this will enable you to prevent unnecessary holes from appearing on your walls while making sure everything fits as you envisioned.

If hammering in nails seems daunting, consider switching up your approach by opting for temporary adhesive instead. This enables you to move, resize and change your gallery display without incurring damage – you could even use Mixtiles kits like Mixtiles to build one from any image or design!

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Fabric Wall Art

Fabric wall art is an interesting form of wall decor that adds texture and color to any room. Fabric can take many forms – from hangings on simple hooks to more complex arrangements framed like paintings or photos – making the selection process an important one when picking fabrics to add drama and atmosphere in any given space. Choosing fabrics appropriate to each space will set the scene perfectly!

Here is an easy hack for creating breathtaking framed wall art: all it takes is an old canvas and some vibrant fabric with patterns and designs to wrap it around and secure. It’s an economical yet stunning way to decorate walls – the results will certainly impress!

By BobJ

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