DIY For Mother's Day

By BobJ Apr 22, 2023

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Mother’s Day is an opportunity to show our mothers just how much we appreciate them and show our devotion with thoughtful crafts that are sure to bring a smile! A DIY present may just do the trick if you want a meaningful present to show her!

These thoughtful DIY gifts will show your mother just how much you care. From personalized pillow shams to hanging wall art projects, these thoughtful DIY presents are the perfect way to demonstrate how much she means to you.

Chunky Knit Blanket

Snuggling up under a comfortable blanket is one of the easiest and most relaxing ways to unwind after an exhausting day at work or reading a good book.

Are you searching for an easy DIY project to make for Mother’s Day? A chunky knit blanket may be just what’s needed! A project like this takes only hours and will leave Mother warm and cozy all winter long!

Zipper Bag

If you want to give a gift that’s both useful and stylish, a high-quality bag makes an excellent choice. A timeless purse will stay at home in mom’s closet for years to come!

These easy DIY zipper pouches can be customized with personalized touches like rhinestone letters, iron-on appliques and more to make an unforgettable present for mom! Show her you care by creating one today.

Coffee Filter Flowers

Kids of all ages will enjoy making flowers for Mother's Day using coffee filters and food dye. They can make their own flower arrangements from these beautiful bouquets!

Choose any color to give your coffee filter flowers their unique look. Consider using darker tones for the center layers and lighter hues for outer petals.

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Rose-Infused Bath Bombs

Roses have long been associated with romance and can be enjoyed throughout the year. Additionally, their soothing qualities help soften skin – making them a fantastic choice for bath bombs!

Homemade bath bombs are an easy and fun project for kids of any age to make and give as gifts. Plus, crafting them provides them with plenty of craft activity!

Bath Tea

Make mom feel special and create a special present this Mother’s Day by creating this DIY bath tea! Just stuff a sachet full of herbs, dried flowers and salts into an organza pouch before dropping it in with her bath water for her soak!

This herbal blend includes soothing flowers like lavender, hibiscus and rosebuds for a luxurious bath that will ease sore muscles while simultaneously relaxing your mind and rejuvenating skin. Perfect for soothing sore muscles, promoting relaxation and cleansing your pores!

Personalized Terra-Cotta Pot

Personalized terra-cotta pots make excellent gifts for Mother’s Day and birthdays. Plus, their size makes them ideal for growing seeds, starter plants and small herbs!

Seal your decorated terra cotta pots to prevent blistering by applying FolkArt Clay Pot Sealer or FolkArt Outdoor Sealer, two polyurethane-based finishes designed to stop moisture penetrating the interior of the pot and retain soil moisture.

Prize Trophy Bouquet

An impressive display can be created easily using only flowers in a slim glass vase and minimal fuss. A floral trend like this makes for an impressive conversation starter that can last well past Mother’s Day!

Best of all, chances are good you’ll want to keep the trophy for yourself! Make it memorable by offering something truly impressive as a prize and do something different from everyone else – something more grandiose may make it stand out more from the pack.

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Geometric Boxes

Geometric boxes make great presents, from pastries and chocolates to wine bottles and champagne flutes as well as cosmetics or perfume.

Geometric decor accents are a fantastic way to introduce geometric design trends into your home without making extensive changes. Just a few little accents here and there can make a big impactful statement in any room!

By BobJ

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