DIY For Home Decor – Inexpensive Ways to Add Your Personality

Decor is an integral element of any room and should always reflect your individual style. That’s why DIY home decor projects can be such a great way to express yourself without breaking the bank!

One simple and efficient way to liven up a bland wall is by painting it. Choose colors that complement your room’s scheme for optimal effect.

Painting a Canvas

Painting a canvas is an excellent way to bring original art into your home, and it can even be fun for kids!

Before you begin painting your canvas, prime it with primer. This will help ensure that your paint adheres properly and shields your brush from scratches.

Two-Tone Wall Painting

Two-tone wall painting is an excellent way to infuse your home with a stylish, modern aesthetic. Unlike monochromatic walls, two-tone paints create instant architectural interest and contrast in your space with minimal effort.

This two-tone paint idea is ideal for a guest room, as it adds depth and dimension to your design. The key lies in choosing the right color combinations.

Themed Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are an excellent way to add vibrant color and personality to your space. Plus, they’re easy to create and switch out for new looks whenever desired.

A theme or group of frames can make a gallery wall appear organized and professional. Additionally, you can mix-and-match different sizes, shapes, and orientations for added visual interest.

Quirky Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are an ideal way to show off photos, drawings and art that express your individual style. Not only do they give your space a distinctive personality and character, but they also tell a story through images.

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Before you hang up your gallery wall, interior designer Lisa Modica recommends planning its layout first. Symmetry and balance should be achieved when creating this look, she explains.

Flower Vase

If you’re a big fan of flowers, vases can make an impressive addition to your home decor. Not only do they let you show off fresh blooms, but they’re also an economical way to show off twigs and foliage.

If you have some empty glass vases lying around, why not turn them into a fun craft project instead of throwing them away? Add some flair with gift wrap, leftover wallpaper or maps.


Plants are an economical way to bring nature into your home. Not only do they purify the air, but they add a vibrant splash of color and flair to any room.

Your space can be made beautiful and unique with plants, from table centerpieces to hanging them from the ceiling. Plus, they’re not as difficult to care for as you may think!

Wall Mural

Wall murals are becoming a more and more popular home decor choice, providing dramatic style to your space. Plus, they’re easy to apply and look fantastic in any room.

Wallpaper patterns are more than just patterns; they can be personalized with a photo or artwork that expresses your style. This makes them an excellent choice for bedrooms and other areas that need an eye-catching design statement.


Shelves are an affordable and practical way to add style and storage to any room. Not only can they display items, but they provide extra storage for books, toys, and other belongings as well.

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They look fantastic in a range of decorating styles. For instance, you could craft shelves out of wood shutters to give your home an old-world charm.

Photo Frames

One of the simplest ways to give your home decor a personal touch is by featuring photos. Whether you want to remember special moments or create an eye-catching gallery wall in your living room, there are plenty of creative DIY photo frames for inspiration!

When selecting the ideal frame for a photograph, take into account what kind of image you wish to showcase and where. Family photos require larger frames in order to capture all the smiles, while scenes with just one focal point require a more intricate frame.