DIY Birthday Gifts For Best Friend

By BobJ Nov 11, 2022

Open when letters

The best way to celebrate a friend’s birthday is to give him or her a special letter to open at a special occasion. These special letters will contain a small gift and cute note. They can be as generic as “miss you” or as specific as “graduated from college.” You can get as creative as you want with the theme of your letter, but make sure not to peek.

Painting a watercolor portrait of your best friend

If you’re looking for a DIY birthday gift idea for your best friend, consider painting a watercolor portrait of her. This creative project doesn’t require a lot of patience, and you can even get help from YouTube. Just make sure to choose a photo of your best friend that has a lot of color and has no gray. Then, trace the image on a piece of canvas.


Succulents can be a unique gift for your best friend. They can come in different shapes, such as hexagonal planters or owl-shaped planters. You can also give them a succulent care kit, which is ideal for keeping them healthy and beautiful.

Leather essential oil diffuser bracelets

A braided leather essential oil diffuser bracelet makes a great gift for your best friend. It’s easy to make and smells great! You can even make one for yourself! These bracelets are easy to make with simple sliding knots.

Wine glass

If you’re having trouble coming up with the perfect best friend birthday gifts, consider getting your best friend a wine glass. These gifts are affordable, thoughtful, and perfect for both men and women.

By BobJ

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