The list below contains computer error codes. Note: These error codes are not exhaustive, so check your Hardware Maintenance and Service Manual for more information. Recently added codes are denoted by a bar. You can also contact your computer manufacturer for more details. Computer repair specialists can help you diagnose and resolve a variety of computer problems, including computer error codes.

SMART hard disk error 301

Computer error codes

The SMART hard disk check has detected that your hard disk is about to fail. Therefore, you should take immediate measures to protect your data. The first thing that you should do is to back up any important files from your computer. However, backing up your files is not a solution to the problem. Fortunately, there are several hard disk data recovery software solutions to help you recover lost data.

The error code 301 can indicate various anomalies in the hard drive. Sometimes, it is a false positive, so you can simply restart your computer and replace the battery to fix the problem. Other times, it may be a sign that your hard disk has been corrupted.

OS/2 error codes

An OS/2 error number is a string that is written to the SAS log when an unexpected OS/2 error occurs. The error codes can be located in the user documentation or in the OS/2 programming manual. Once you have found the error number, you can use it to troubleshoot the problem. If you cannot determine the exact cause of an error, you can contact your SAS Installation Representative for further assistance.

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Most operating system error codes are caused by file or application corruption. However, some are due to bugs in the software itself. Fortunately, software vendors release fixes for these bugs on a regular basis. These patches are often called Service Packs or Fix Packs. There are also some error codes that indicate hardware-related issues. If you encounter one of these codes, you should consult the list below.

SYSxxxxx errors

The SYSxxxx computer error codes are usually caused by errors with the OS/2 operating system. If you’re unsure of which error code your computer is showing, you can find help by checking the operating system’s on-line help files. For instance, a computer error code of 000163XX on a 90 or 95 system may mean Set Configuration/Features or Bad CMOS/NVRAM checksum. These codes will appear in the command prompt and need to be repaired.


The SYSxxxx computer error codes are caused by errors with the SYS system file. These files may not be up to date or may contain outdated information. If you are not sure what error code you are seeing, look up the error code online. You may also find an on-line help file to find out more about the error. Some of the error codes listed below are specific to certain operating systems.

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