Light therapy causes the headache-causing chemical prostaglandin acetylcholine. This chemical triggers the formation of proteins in the brain, which causes the pain we feel in our heads. The same process is responsible for migraines. Researchers have found that exposure to blue light can make the pain worse. This is believed to happen due to a specific neural pathway that connects the eye to the brain, separate from vision transmission.

can light therapy cause headaches

Light therapy is knownto cause mild side effects such as eye strain, irritability, and headache. But these effects generally subside over a few days. It is possible to reduce the duration of your light therapy, sit farther from the lights, or change the time you expose yourself.

In any case, it is vital to consult a physician before starting light therapy. You can try reducing the exposure time to a minimum of 60  minutes a day.


On the other hand, watch this video to see how blue light therapy can reduce your headaches!

By BobJ

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