Can a Wandering Jew live in water forever? This is a question that has been bothering people for years. While it may look very tropical, it’s actually a relatively low-maintenance plant. While it can live in water, it is best to maintain proper humidity. Overwatering will result in a dull green plant. To remedy this, move it to a brighter area.

To grow this plant, you’ll need a pot or hanging basket, a potting mix, and a few cuttings of the Wandering Jew. The Wandering Jew prefers slightly moist soil, but not constant wetness. Place it in bright indirect light so that it receives bright indirect light. Watering is important, but remember not to overwater it. Otherwise, the leaves will curl and drop off.

can wandering jew live in water forever

The Wandering Jew is easy to propagate. You can grow additional plants using cuttings from the mother plant. The cuttings can be rooted in one of two ways. One way is to cut off the top half inch of the mother plant. The second way is to snip off the leaves of the Wandering Jew and plant them in the jar. Make sure to follow the

directions on the label, as the Wandering Jew is susceptible to overwatering and can become damaged.

To grow a Wandering Jew in water, simply take a cut from one and place it in a clear glass jar. Place the cuttings in a bright, airy spot where they’ll get plenty of sunlight and root. After a few weeks, your Wandering Jew plant will have roots and grow! You can even transplant the cuttings to another container. The Wandering Jew plant will bring you good fortune wherever it grows.

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