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Whether you’re looking to get that pink streak in your hair or just want to freshen up your blond roots, DIY dyeing is an easy and inexpensive way to get the color you want.

The key is to pick a hair dye that’s formulated with nourishing ingredients and won’t leave your strands dry or damaged. To help you find the best, we asked experts for their top recommendations for at-home hair colors and dyes.

L’Oreal Paris Excellence Intense Root Color Kit

The L’Oreal Paris Excellence Intense Root Color Kit is an excellent choice for at-home hair coloring. It comes in almost 70 shades, so you can find the perfect match for your hair color. It also has a triple protection system that protects your hair from damage and helps cover gray hair for an even more natural look.

Its formula smells nice and is formulated with keratin complex to keep your strands looking healthy and shiny. Reviewers also loved that the color was long-lasting and didn’t fade after just a few shampoos.

While coloring your hair at home can be a little tricky, it doesn’t have to be stressful. Experts recommend taking your time and making sure you’re prepared for the process.

Shvonne Perkins, master colorist at Madison Reed, suggests budgeting about two hours for the entire process. This will give you enough time to properly set up your tools and section your hair correctly, so you can get the best results possible.

L’Oreal Paris Excellence Intense Root to Tip Highlights Hair Color

L’Oreal Paris Excellence Intense Root to Tip Highlights Hair Color is a great option for those looking for an at-home highlight option. It’s a permanent dye product that is available in a wide range of shades, making it easy to find the perfect match for your hair.

The product comes with a brush that is used to apply the color from the roots to the tips of your hair. This ensures that you get the most out of your color.

This permanent hair dye comes with a triple protection system that seals, conditions and replenishes your hair. It also covers stubborn gray hair for a full, rich color.

This hair dye is a non-drip formula and is available in 38 shades from ash blonde to black. It is formulated with ceramide, pro-keratin complex and collagen, which helps your hair look vibrant and healthy. It also has a pre-color treatment that prevents any color build up on your hair ends.

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Manic Panic Intense Root to Tip Hair Dye

If you’re looking for a bright and bold shade of hair dye, Manic Panic is the go-to choice. The brand has a wide variety of colors to choose from, and the products are vegan and cruelty-free.

The Vampire Red is a great color for those who are new to Manic Panic because it’s not as intense as some of the other shades. The shade will look lustrous and rich on unbleached brown or natural blonde hair, but it can fade out quickly.

Another sultry blue shade, After Midnight is perfect for creating a dark and gothic look. It can be used over bleached or unbleached hair and will fade to a deep sapphire blue after several washes.

Shocking Blue is Manic Panic’s most true-blue shade, so it’s a good color to use if you’re trying to create more vibrant and dynamic looks. It fades out nicely on bleached or natural blonde hair, but it can also be used over darker base colors to create a more sophisticated, jewel-toned tone.

Bumble & Bumble Permanent Hair Color

The Bumble & Bumble Permanent Hair Color is a worthy contender for the best home hair dye. It’s the best we’ve seen and the best quality on the market at a price you can afford. For the aforementioned follicles, the only challenge is selecting the appropriate shade. Thankfully, Bumble & Bumble has a plethora of experts on hand to help. The company also happens to be one of the oldest salons in New York City, and a good bet for quality hair coloring. With a little guidance, you can take your hair from good to great without leaving the comfort of your own home.

TRESemmé Shine Intense Hair Dye

A good quality shine enhancer can help extend your color’s longevity. The TRESemmé Shine Intense Hair Dye is no exception. Apply a liberal amount to damp hair and leave on for 3 minutes before rinsing out. This salon-quality product is free of parabens, sulfates and oxybenzone. It’s the best hair color of its kind you’ll find at your local drugstore. Unlike most other glosses on the market, TRESemmé Shine Intense won’t make your hair feel dry and damaged. The hair dye also has a low ph rating, which helps to prevent breakage and frizz. Besides, it has an enticing fragrance that will keep you smelling fresh – and looking good.

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For the best results, follow with a TRESemmé Pro Infusion shampoo and conditioner. It’s the best way to keep your strands healthy and shiny.

Garnier Nutrisse Hair Dye

This at-home hair dye delivers radiant color with total grey coverage and locks in moisture to leave your hair smooth, shiny and soft. It contains nourishing avocado, olive and shea oils for beautiful healthy hair.

It’s also a great choice for people who want to avoid chemicals like ammonia, which causes damage to the scalp and can cause health issues. It’s also cruelty-free and formulated without animal-derived ingredients.

If you’re ready to give highlights a try, make sure you follow your instructions carefully and use a clean brush to ensure an even application. For added oomph, grab some aluminum foil and wrap your highlighted strands to mask them from the rest of your hair.

Garnier Nutrisse has over 70 shades of nourishing hair color that can be used on dark or light hair. It’s also a great option for those who have textured hair or are looking for semi-permanent colors that will last weeks on end.

Garnier Nutrisse Permanent Hair Dye

If you’re looking for a hair dye that will leave your locks feeling super soft and lush, try the Garnier Nutrisse Permanent Hair Dye. It contains a nourishing cream formula with fruit oil concentrates that will penetrate the hair fibre to leave it soft and shiny.

Plus, it comes with an extra ampoule of grapeseed oil that you can snap and pour directly into your hair colour creme to lock in moisture for nourished locks. This will also keep your coloured hair colour from drying out when you shampoo, which is great for long-lasting colours.

It’s also formulated without animal derived ingredients so you can rest assured that your hair won’t suffer during the process. Once you’re done coloring, you can apply a creamy after-colour conditioner to your tresses for even more protection and colour.

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L’Oreal Paris Excellence Intense Blonde Hair Color

If you’re looking to go blonde at home, L’Oreal Paris Excellence Intense Blonde Hair Color Kit is the best choice. It comes in a variety of shades so you can choose the one that works with your natural hair color.

The triple protection system in this hair dye fortifies and nourishes your hair. It colors even stubborn gray hair and leaves you with rich, vibrant color.

It comes in a non-drip formula and offers 38 different shades from ash blonde to jet black. It also includes a pre-color treatment made with ceramide that prevents color build-up on your ends.

The product is available at Target and has over 30K reviews. It is recommended for dark brown or black hair and is gentle enough to use on naturally curly and coarse hair. It also contains shea butter and coconut oil, which help keep the color from damaging your hair. It is also infused with keratin, which helps to strengthen the hair.

L’Oreal Paris Excellence Intense Blonde Root to Tip Highlights Hair Color

Whether you’re dealing with stubborn gray hair or just want to refresh your roots, it can be difficult to find a dye that’s right for you. These products can give you a fresh new hue without the hassle of taking your hair to a salon.

This L’Oreal Paris hair color offers full gray coverage with a triple protection system that contains ceramide, pro-keratin complex and collagen to fortify and nourish your hair while coloring. It also includes a pre-color treatment that prevents color build-up at your hair ends.

This is an ideal at-home hair dye for blondes because it comes in three different shades that either cool or warm up your natural color. It’s also a great pick for those with darker roots who aren’t quite ready to take the plunge with a true bleaching.

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